Dubia Roaches Malaysia

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breeding and supply Dubia Roaches.

What is Dubia Roaches?

Dubia Roaches is the next level of feeder for fish, reptiles, amphibians & more.
A popular & excellent feeders can be used as the main staple diet
in their meal replacing conventional feeder such as Cricket & Worms. 

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Why Dubia Roaches ?

Longer life span

Life span up to 2 years. Last longer than local conventional feeders.

Easy Care

Could be store indoor. Odourless and soundless.

High in Nutrition

High in protein. Higher meat to shell ratio plus easy to digest.

Variety of sizes

Sold in variety of size that suitable for your pets.

care & GUide

Simplify version of care & guide for Dubia Roaches, tweak suitable to Malaysia Climate.

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